Weekend Reading – Fashion is Feminist


A thought provoking post from Sally at Already Pretty about the link between fashion and femininism.

A brilliant way to find new inspiration for mixing colours – check out Wear Palettes (pictured) – this one is a great cool palette for someone with darker hair and stronger colouring.

Karen gives us some great thoughts on the art of seasonal celebratory dressing

Maria shows us the how to in the art of creating colour flow in your house.

And Deja Pseu shows in a picture tutorial how to tie a scarf like  a French woman.

And I saw the magazine cover and the photos close up that I mentioned  the other day about the Australian Body Image project and even though Sarah Murdoch is an incredibly gorgeous model – genetically gifted, she also has freckles, wrinkles, sun spots and (what I didn’t think about them airbrushing out of pictures) that fine downy hair on her face- human like the rest of us!

So what made me happy this week?

I got to meet a lovely blog reader from Norway who I did a consultation with whilst she was in town!  Doesn’t the internet make the world a smaller place.  I also got to chat on the phone to another lovely blog reader from the US who I did a distance consultation with (if you’re interested in doing a distance consultation with me let me know).   How cool is that?

I’m also got lots of joy watching my kids get so excited about Halloween.  Even though it’s not hugely celebrated in Australia – they are anticipating it almost as much as Christmas.  I’ve been carving pumpkin for the first time today!

What made you happy this week?


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  • Hi Imogen – we had a successful Halloween: lots of trick-or-treaters who were for the most part polite and said thank you (some coached by parents from the sidewalk, but still…) and our son really got into it this year and approached some houses all by himself. And now I'm happy that we're done and can relax today!

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