Weekend Reading – Love Your Life


The Bra Queen presents the Love Your Life Challenge 30 days of stuff for YOU!
Necks often look older than faces – so here are some tips to help yours remain more youthful.
What are the essential items you should keep in your handbag? Luinae lists hers (and it’s a great list)
Real Style Real People presents a yummy Autumn inspired post – a feast for the eyes.
Advice from some French women who don’t get fat.


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Certified Personal Colour Analysis, Stylist and Image Mastery Training

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  • One other question: Have you had a chance to try the Miss Mandalay line? Specifically the Paris bra? I'm very intrigued by it but I'm always nervous to buy online – esp. with something that needs to fit as exactly as lingerie.

  • Luinae – thank for providing great content!

    Maria – looking forward to the post.

    Rosina – thank you.

    K.Line – I have the paige bra – which is pretty much the same as the Paris (but she didn't have Paris in my size) – it's great – fits well, very pretty, comfortable – I'm sure you could return it if it doesn't work for you – just email her and ask.

  • Hello Ladies!
    K.Line just thought I would let you know that Paige is the same cut as Paris the only difference is Paige has a Lace trim and Paris has a satin trim.

    Hi Imogen!

    Kindest Regards
    Renee xx

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