Weekend Reading: Leggings, Trousers and Age


Carrying on from last weekend’s reading here are 58 More Ways to Improve Your Blog
On a completely different topic, I am often asked by my clients about wearing leggings, how to, what with etc. This is a great post on You Look Fab with a whole host of photos of leggings options, if you’re looking for ideas, check it out.
Petite women have a harder time buying clothes as they tend to have less choice, so being petite and plus is even harder – here is a fabulous resource for pants for the plus petite by Duchesse.
Here is a great post from Rosina on 10 Things You Can Now to Stop Ageing
Have a great weekend!


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  • Ah, I still have my leggings in the package. I´m wondering why is it so hard for me to try them on. Perhaps one reason is, that I have seen only 1 out of 10 of them working IRL. I don´t like the idea of wearing shoes without stockings of some sort, and since the cold season is just around the corner, they would have to be worn with nude tights. Worn under pants, I might just as well wear my neutral tights. Am I missing something ? Well, ok I could picture myself with a dress, leggings and heels-all the same color, and yes the leggings would end on the thickest part of my calves, although I really don´t have a thick part there. My thick part is around the waist, lol. Maybe I´ll just have to open the package and try the leggings on with different outfits. Thanks for your weekend post Imogen!

  • Well, I'm almost 55, and I've alreaqdy worn leggings a couple of times, and will do so more now spring is upon us. The reason? I HATE pantihose, and being both slightly tall and slightly plus-sized, have never yet found a pair that's comfortable. Leggings will enable me to get far more wear out of my dresses when it's not quite warm enough for bare legs. I'd probably feel differently if I had to wear businesswear, but my lifestyle is casual/smartcasual and leggings fit right in there

  • Imogen this is great help. I would like to wear 3/4 (no longer than mid-calf) black leggings with an on-knee length dress but I'm worried that I'll look cut off and more fat and dumpy than usual. Any comments?

  • Thank you for more great reading! I had a chuckle about the black leggings. I'm scared to read it in case I start rummaging through that thrift-shop box sitting by my door.

    I have grey leggings though! I wear them with a four-inches-under-the-rear grey and black top, with a grey and pink scarf, hair up, and pink earrings, with my grey suede boots. Shades when it's sunny. Have a super weekend…

    P.S. I miss the "e" in aging and always enjoy seeing in your posts. Also "s" instead of "z".

  • I saw a woman in my big city with a babydoll short dress and leggings- she was at least 60 and looked utterly ridiculous, like a big preschooler. For 50+, the dress or skirt has to be simple and well cut.

    Like Lynne I hate pantyhose; in winter, often wear silk long underwear and knee-high opaque socks- looks like tights but not quite as restricting.

  • What´s with pantyhose/tights ? I love them. But then I only buy Wolfords. Wolfords black 66, size m for me- going to buy many pairs of them!

  • Pinkapple – if your dress is dark then the leggings will actually lengthen your legs, but if the dress is a light colour the leggings will shorten them.

    Metscan – how about sandals or ballet flats without stockings? Leggings, as Lynne says – great between weather hoisery.

    Lynne – thanks so much for your comment.

  • Ouch, I'm so behind the times, I've spent the last couple of years chuntering to my husband about all the 'footless tights' in the stores!!
    I'll go and check out the legging post and see what I can learn…

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