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I discovered this via Too Much Information – as we don’t get the US Glamour Magazine here, not something that was on my radar – but interesting none-the-less. It’s about the excitement created by this photo of this gorgeous model in the September issue of the magazine. Read about it here.

And from Smart Company an interesting article about how women spend money – and how much money they spend and on what. Apparently, we’re a bigger market than China and India!
Other great posts I read this week include:
Style on a Budget from Sal at Already Pretty
More Magic Always had a great post on 15 Things Every Woman Should Own
Why not enter the competition to win a pair of gorgeous pearl earrings from The Moss Pot (Etsy Shop) enter to win on the Glamorous Grad Student’s blog


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  • Imogen, I love that photo. I'm actually one who falls more on the prone to muscular than chub scale. But still, I'm a woman. And have been for many years. I remember when Brandi Chastain helped win the women's soccer championship and swung her sports bra over her head and me and my friends cried in happiness. The photo here seems to be to be a similar milestone. Your blog is SO a favorite.

  • Imogen I had to link to this post it was so great, and thanks for inspiring me to write a similar one for the weekend!

  • I quickly scanned the articles you had for this weekend, and came up with a thought. Would you sometimes write something about how to able to be frugal and elegant; shop-wise and trendy, where to save and where to splurge. How to stretch the cent. I bet many readers have brilliant ideas too. Have a happy weekend Imogen!

  • As soon as I saw your header and blog, I knew it had to be a Katie Lane design 🙂 Doesn't she do great work?? 🙂

    The story behind the naked woman picture is really interesting. It's definitely refreshing to see a woman with a tummy in a fashion magazine. And best of all is the fact that Lizzi is totally happy with who she is and how she looks, tummy and all 🙂 Heck, who WOULDN'T be happy to be that pretty?!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  • Hi, Imogen! Can you or one of your readers PLEASE recommend a good foundation for dry skin? I have been having a horrible time with different ones. I just switched to the Mary Kay creme to powder on the advice of my consultant, but it, too, is making my skin dry and flaky immediately after applying it. This is my skin care regimen: Twice a week I exfoliate with a sugar and honey scrub. 2 days a week I use a Neutrogena Bar to cleanse, other days I use Pond's cold cream. I follow with a toner (no alcohol), and finally Pond's Dry Skin Cream which I let set for 10 minutes before applying foundation with a damp sponge. I've tried applying it with my fingers and with a dry sponge but it doesn't make any difference. Thank you for any help!

  • Anonymous – From what I know about skin care, your scrub sounds rather harsh for your skin – I'd suggest going a lot gentler so you don't aggravate your skin and using a mixture of bicarbonate of soda mixed with Cetaphil (which is a creamy cleanser available from pharmacy/drugstores.

    As far as other face creams go check out http://www.paulabegoun.com there is a great range of products available there. Alternatively, if you're in Australia I have a lovely liquid foundation that you could try – it's light, but not drying at all.

  • Love the post and your blog! But the real reason for this comment is I"m desperate for help for something that has flummoxed me my whole life– How does one address saddle bags, mine are fairly large and they seem to throw off all my attempts to address proportion in dressing. I think I'm an x shape: shoulders are 42, waist 33" and hips 44"; 36"- feet to leg break and 34"-leg break to top of head. 53 years old 20 lbs overweight (but losing)

    thanks for any little bit of help


  • The plus sized model in the first picture was all over the entertainment 'news' shows . . she's gorgous.

  • Thank you, Imogen. I have actually used baking soda and cetaphil in the past but it also dries my skin out terribly. I was just looking at Paula's website yesterday and her products sound good, but I'm uncomfortable buying makeup online. I'm not in Australia.

  • Wow! When I first looked at Lizzie I thought, "Hey! How'd they photoshop my stomach on this model?" I'm overjoyed, like the other readers.

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