Summer City Break Travel Wardrobe


Last week, gorgeous blogger Julianne asked me for some advice to help her pack for her upcoming trip to Chicago.

She mentioned that she’s going to be doing LOTS of walking and that it will be HOT! So I did up this Polyvore for her.

Summer City Break

I’ve included a hat to protect her from the sun.

A cardigan to keep her warm in airconditioned buildings.

A colour scheme that mixes and matches for maximum number of outfits (around 10 combinations here). It’s also lovely fresh summer colours that won’t make her feel hot just looking at them.

Some attractive, but comfortable sandals for all that walking.

A dress that she can wear out in the evening.

A little jewellery to spice up her outfits, without weighing down her luggage.

It will all fit into a carry-on luggage case, along with some toiletries.

I hope for Julianne, this travel wardrobe gives her the comfort with style she requires!

If you need more help deciding what to pack for travel – have a look at my ebook Travelling Light for inspiration (and lots of great advice).

Remind me – why should blue and green never be seen?

What do you pack for your summer city breaks?


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  • Those colours are divine – but until you come up to Sydney and let me have a consultation, I won't know whether I can wear them! Actually, I know I can wear green, but I'm not sure about blue. Great choices, as always.

  • Tiffany – I'll be in Sydney in October for the Image Consultants Conference – we'll have to catch up then! There is a blue for everyone – the one pictured is a warmer blue and a more universal blue.

  • The colors work wonderfully together, which is something I too appreciate. For a short trip: Shoes are most important IMO. Naturally for a trip, I´d like to take along all my good stuff, jewelry included, but I know it is risky, so I only take along jewelry that I can wear all the time ( =very little). Chances are that I might find something interesting on the trip!

  • Metscan – I always like to buy some jewellery on my trip – something to remember my trip by!

    Jane – thanks!

  • If you are going to be downtown in Chicago, check out Erwin Pearl in the Nordstrom mall on Michigan Ave. Beautiful jewelry there!

  • Imogen is the bestest. I have already purchased the aerosole wedges and they are comfortable. I feel cool just looking at the lovely combinations.

    Thank you so very much, Imogen.

    Oh, also, I was reading your post on flattering your eye color, and while I was shopping I found a tee shirt the exact color, which was called olive heather. You are right, it looked wonderful. Imogen is such a genius.

  • I'm getting ready for a few city days this week, and it's so hot here right now I hate the idea of leaving the beach where there's a breeze, at least. But I'll use your suggestions to motivate me — what gorgeous colours for thinking cool!

  • I have a pair of black Aerosoles. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. They aren't formal enough for work, that's OK, I have replaced my Mizunas with these for all the times when I don't want to be seen in running shoes.

  • I LOVE this wardrobe, the colors are divine (and my favorites) and I love all the styles too. I feel like you did the polyvore for me.

  • Julianne – happy to help – and glad the shoes are comfortable!

    Sal – there is something just so lovely and summer cool about this colour palette – stops you from feeling hot just looking at it!

    Kristin – thanks for the tip.

    Mater – hope you have a good time!

    Lydee – thanks!

    LPC – I'd never seen Aerosoles in Australia, but found a pair in the US and bought them (did lots of walking around Disneyland and the like and needed something comfortable) and I love them.

    RB- thanks for coming by! Glad you can relate to this set!

  • Very pretty outfits! I love the combo of blue and green, and the shoes look super comfy. You're always an inspiration, Imogen!

    (And I love the new look of the blog!)

  • I love this set, particulalry the cool colors, perfect to offset the summer heat.
    I'm planning my vacation now which will inclued the beach in Spain, the country side in south of France, and city of Madrid. I'am a bit perplexed because it's going to be very hot and my travel wardrobe is usually all black.
    Maybe this year I will opt for some lighter colors.

  • Doll – thanks!

    Karen – this is the volume of clothes I'd take away for 5+ days – up to about 3 weeks.

    Belle- black is so hot in summer – try something a bit lighter!

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