How to Disguise Grey Roots


What on earth is that picture? It’s the top of my head – and more importantly – my grey roots. I didn’t use a flash when taking the picture so that’s not some glossy, flashy rebounding light, it is my hair 3 weeks after I last dyed it – alas my ‘light black’ (as my son calls them) roots are showing.
So, when it gets like this and I haven’t got time to dye it – I use some Cover Your Grey, which is a brown lipstick that I put on my part line to disguise the flashes of silver and white. It comes in a range of colours so that you can choose the best for your hair colour.
There are also hair mascaras, powders and combs available on the market as other options.


If you use one of these products, what do you use?


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  • I don't get grey roots, I get darker ones (Shh!) I tell my husband I am simply growing more intelligent. By the time two months are up, I'm extremely brilliant, believe me…

  • I get grey and darker roots lol.

    Tried the Revlon Color Silk Root touch up kit which you dab on, let sit for 15 minutes and wash out but it only lasted for a couple of days.

  • I remember the mascaras with neon colors. I never knew thereĀ“d be lipsticks,etc. I must ask my hairdresser the next time. How often do you have your hair colored, if I may ask?

  • I use Restoria. Mix a little from each tube together and apply to hairline and parting (I find an old toothbrush works best) Wait 10 minutes for it to darken, then wash hair as normal. It lasts about a week till roots start showing again, and works just like regular hair dye. But then I've always been a colour-at-home girl

  • Metscan – I colour my own hair and do it every 3 weeks (depending how busy I am). I get the cover grey from a chemist/pharmacy/drugstore type place.

    Lynne – great tip!

  • I've been looking for stuff like that. I actually saw a woman using one for 'darker' roots too – like a goldish mascara, and it was really effective. But of course she got it in the US – I haven't found anything here but obviously I haven't been looking hard enough. Thanks for the tip! My hair is much the same colour as yours, and I need a touch-up by about two weeks after colouring.

  • Tiffany – try Hairhouse Warehouse, Price Attack or Priceline – I would think you'd be able to get it in one of those!

  • ha- looks familiar! I did a post on this last month and I still use the John Freida color gazing shampoo- messy but does the trick!

  • I use Clairol Nice N Easy Root Touch up and it works great. I have to touch up after about 3 weeks…. The touch up lasts until my appointment a week later. Thanks again for one of my favorite blogs!

  • For dark roots, try a zig-zag part. It doesn't make the roots disappear, but makes them a lot less noticeable.

  • I've used Nice & Easy root touch up in the past, but now I've given up and am just going to the salon every three weeks to get the roots touched up. I have as many gray roots as you do (maybe more) and I'm 37.

  • Oh, and I tried the Avon root touch up (mascara type) product and it doesn't work at all, at least not on my grays.

  • Gray roots: Clairol's and Garnier's root touch up kits are fantastic for me. Only use them a week or so before my appointment; they are not made to last as long as hair colour.

    Also use the Freida colour glaze b/c red fades, and it works too but not at ALL on roots, just boots colour on already coloured part.

  • My hairdresser told me where to pick up what she described as a root touch up crayon — must be similar to the lipstick. I haven't got it yet, but I'll be looking for it soon (I have colour appointments every 6 weeks, but by 4 or 5, my roots need some help)in a pinch, I've used regular mascara, but yuck, it feels gross!

  • I use Colormark and really like it:

    I've only used the liquid wand but notice they now have a marker. I've had my one wand about a year now (so it's very cost effective) and use it about every 5 weeks to touch up roots. It washes out with every shampoo but it's so simple to dab on that I don't mind.

  • I like the wand type–like mascara. But normally I dye at the first sign of regrowth, so I don't use the wand for touch ups often…

  • I couldn't make it the 5 weeks I have to go between highlights without Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder – It covers my gray roots perfectly. It is a spray powder that comes in a can like hairspray – I can focus just on my part or spray through all my hair and it gives volume into the bargain!

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