Check Your Skin for Skin Cancer


For all of you in the northern hemisphere currently in your summer, or for those of you who live in climates of perennial summer, it may be a good time to think about getting your skin checked out for skin cancer. is having free skin cancer screenings through out the USA – check out their website for details. They also have a great section of photos and explanations about skin cancer and what to look for, with photo illustrations.
Also in the US is a free screening program through Skin Cancer Takes Friends – where you and a friend are invited to visit selected dermatologists for free skin cancer screenings – check out their website for details.
The American Academy of Dematologists has great fact sheets and information on both skin cancer and all sorts of other skin conditions, from acne to psoriasis and is also worth a look.
Why not do a body mole map – download this PDF which has clear instructions to help you.
For information on skin cancer in Australia check out the Cancer Council’s website.
I’m sure there are other programs all over the world – so do an internet search with your area listed and see what you can find.
Also – just found this for some interesting reading on the nano-particle sunscreen debate


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  • I recently had a biopsy on a strange seeming (and changing) mole. My grandfather died of skin cancer so I'm very attuned. Fortunately, last week I learned it was benign, but you really can't be cavalier about these things.

  • Funnily enough, I'm having an official Mole Map done in two weeks. Did you read about the new Fernblock? I blogged about it today. It sounds fantastic for the skin (it's a supplement, not a sunblock.)

  • Skin cancer runs in my family, so in addition to using 8000 SPF every day, I get my moles checked by a dermatologist every six months.

  • Thanks for this important reminder. I know that not all skin cancer is related to sun exposure, but much is and I hope we'll be able to promote an image of beauty that includes all skin colours… from very dark to very pale, untanned, skin. I cannot count the number of ferocious sunburns I acquired as a girl, trying in vain to become a bronzed goddess instead of learning to love my whiteness.

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