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Yesterday, after a 15 hours plane journey, my family and I arrived in LA.  My kids, who are Miss 3 (about to turn 4, and as far as she’s concerned, the reason why we’re even here is so she can celebrate her 4th birthday at Disneyland), and Master 7 coped with the flight surprisingly well.

Upon arrival and after spending another hour in a line (I’ve been told not to call it a queue) to be fingerprinted to make sure we’re not international style terrorists, we were greeted at LAX by the lovely Deja Pseu and Karen of a Certain Age, both who were sporting a spot or two of leopard (sorry, excuse the pun) in their own inimitable styles.
Karen, incredibly kindly, had offered to meet us and drive us to our accommodation, but to get to meet 2 bloggers who were willing to come to the airport at 8am – what a fantastic way to be welcomed to America! 
After spending a few hours getting some brunch and then picking up some cell phones (not mobiles) to use while here, we headed home for a nap.   Feeling woozy with jetlag, I was first to hit the hay (I think I only managed about 1 hours sleep on the plane, upright in cattle class) and was out like a light.  A couple of hours later I woked to the sound of giggling and laughter.
And here is want I found, my beautiful daughter had decided to draw all over her face and arms with  felt tip pen (texta).  After some scrubbing with a face cloth (washer), you can see the remnants (the bits on her eyelid are rather hard to get off) on her eyelid, cheeks and chin.
I just hope that we can eradicate the rest in the next couple of days before we’re joined by her grandparents (my In Laws) who are flying over from the UK to join us for our holiday.
Next Saturday is our LA Workshop – we could probably squeeze in a couple of extras if anyone is interested – email me at Imogen dot Lamport at gmail dot com, and I’ll get to meet more wonderful LA bloggers then!
Today we’re off to get acquainted with our local area (we’re staying not far from Disneyland).


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  • Welcome to Los Angeles! I can’t wait to hear your impressions of LA, fashion and otherwise.

    Warning – you haven’t experienced the real LA until you’ve seen a heavily botoxed, overly peroxided 40-something with huge fake breasts squeezed into a bustier and a pair of $200 jeans. Just saying.

  • Hope you will all have a great time. Your daughter is beautiful in spite of the felt tip marks! Ciao. A.

  • wish wish wish I could meet you! Alas, my week is crammed full with too much to do, hubby is out of town and I live way down in San Diego. ENJOY your visit and Disneyland! Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

  • OK, I am no longer in awe of your style sense…I am completely and utterly floored by the fact that you survived the trans-Pacific journey with two kids.


  • Dollcannotfly – thanks – so far I’ve only seen a lot of the worst dressed – you know the type – leggings and a big t-shirt – or a ‘home made vest covered in applique farm animals’ – Duchesse – that one’s for you.

    When we get closer to the action, I’m sure we’ll see some more!

    Antonella – yes she is beautiful, this photo does her no justice and the marks are slowly coming off. Kids are in the swimming pool as I write this, so hopefully that’ll get a bit more of it off.

    Tessa – love to meet you – maybe we can work out a time.

    ChristineB – my kids were REMARKABLY well behaved during the flight. I was so proud of them. They were so excited by the takeoff and landing, and watching their happy little faces was a joy to behold.

    The bit in the middle got a bit trying, but with the tv and a nintendo and some colouring in, we managed to get through. I think the hardest thing for them was all the queuing for immigration, check in, customs etc (there was about 3 hours of that on top of the 15 hours flying).

  • Sweet daughter! She has her own style, no? You’re to be commended for that grueling trip. Aack, traveling like that is no fun. I hope you have a fab time in California, and it’s so exciting to think of you with Karen and Pseu.

    love, sallymandy

  • I am glad you got here safely. I am jealous that you girls get to have fun together. No, not really. Just wish I was there too. Hope you have a fabulous time. I love the story about your daughter. My kids did stuff like that all the time. it keeps things fun. They also did it to me when I was asleep!

    Have fun with your family and friends!

  • Sallymandy – my daughter has her own style and insists on dressing herself – so no colour co-ordination applies. I hope it’s obvious to the observer the she does choose her own clothes!

    Julianne – I really hope my kids never draw on my face while I’m asleep!

  • Glad to hear you’re getting settled in OK. Your kids are SO cute!!! (and Mr. too).

    I sent you an e-mail about Disneyland, lots of deals and specials right now. You’re here at a good time (before schools are out for summer).

  • Uh-oh. I was planning on wearing my home-made vest covered in applique farm animals to the workshop on Saturday. I’ll have to rethink my outfit.

    (And I’d like to apologize for my previous comment. I’m not usually so mean-spirited. I have nothing against botox, peroxide, bustiers or premium denim. It’s just that there is a certain “LA look” that’s a bit much. But who am I to talk, with my farm animal vest?)

  • Miss has a sense of celebration (and she IS adorable)! It is entirely appropriate when on holiday to do a bit of body-painting!
    SO happy you had a warm reception,that’s so like Pseu and Karen- and may the adventures begin!

  • Deja Pseu – thanks – got it! Thanks so much for being my ‘greeter’ as Miss would say (she likes to play games where “You’re the talker and I’m the hairdresser”.

    Doll – I look forward to seeing your vest!

    Christina – we will have fun – so much to do and see.

    Duchesse – yes a sense of celebration – just as long as she doesn’t celebrate by writing on the walls!

  • Have a lovely time in LA! I’m excited for you and your family. And all the lucky participants in your workshop! 🙂

  • What fun Imogen and so nice that two bloggers were there to meet you !
    What is the weather like??
    What are you doing for Mothers Day on Sunday???

  • Belette – yes we arrrrreeeeee!

    Rebecca – thanks – having fun so far – went to the discovery centre yesterday.

    Lady Jicky – not sure what we’re going to do mothers day – my MIL is arriving on Wednesday too!

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