Give Away – Just for the Frill of It by Sonya Nimri


For all you who want some ideas on refashioning clothes and like a more feminine style, this is a great little book that will give you some ideas.

I have 1 copy to give away to one of my lovely blog readers – if you’d like to win it post about a refashioning that you’ve undertaken that has not gone well!  Funny will win!
Competition closes Friday 5 June 2009


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  • Great giveaway, although I won’t enter because frills on me (especially combined with florals) make me look like a very unattractive farmer’s wife. True.

  • How about THIS: I had a pair of green pants that I loved, but was too cheap to take to the tailor to have them let out. So I bought some fabric of a similar composition but DIFFERENT COLOR, and had a friend insert a big triangle of it in the back seam. They fit, but I had to make sure my shirt covered the triangle because they looked like Frankenstein pants!

    Luckily I shrunk and replaced them. 😉

  • I wanted to try my hand at refashioning a men’s shirt. I’m a hobby sewist so I thought I could handle it. Anyway, changed the sleeves to puff sleeves. They were REALLY puffy – made my already broad shoulders look enormous. I also made the hips too narrow. Needless to say it was not at all flattering on my pear with a strong shoulder (or hourglass with pear tendencies) body AT ALL.

  • Oh, what a fun challenge. Refashionings that have not gone well. My favorite might be this: the day I was going to remove the color from a taupe-colored linen blouse. I got the washing machine full of hot water as directed on the “color remover” bottle, and dumped the remover into the hot water. Then realized that there were already clothes in there, and all of them were now “color removed.” Bah.

    Sheer funniness award, though, might go to Sal. that’s hard to beat.

  • I have this book! The lovely Miss Im sent it to me and I still long for the day when I can sit down and lovingly make the beribboned shoe clips…sigh….

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