You’re Never Too Old


Some women I meet out and about will find out what I do, then say “I’m too old to change” or “I’m too old for clothes to matter” or even worse “I’m too old to be worth spending any money on”.

You’re NEVER too old!  Age is a state of mind, I’ve met 70 year old 26 year olds, and 35 year old 70 year olds.
You are also placing a value and worth judgement on age if you say thing like this to yourself – that only the young are worth any money – now think about this statement – is it true?
Of course not.
Taking pride in your appearance, finding clothes that really reflect your personality, your colouring, body shape and proportions, including some new accessories in your wardrobe to give it a lift and some currency, without a complete overhaul, is something that is worth doing.
Improved appearance almost always translates into more confidence and empowers you – why is this not valuable at any age?
Stay out of ‘old lady’ shops, just because you don’t want to dress like a teenager, doesn’t mean there aren’t options out there for you.
If you lack confidence, why not consider using the services of an image consultant who can help you find the real you, that may have been hiding for years under the labels of  mother, grandmother, wife, teacher, nurse, scientist, aunty ….   for someone in your area, check out the website which lists consultants all around the world.
Pic of Jane Birkin, who was recently nominated by a few as their Style Icon, and is 62 years young! (source.


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  • Very well said my friend..A STYLE AND FASHION OF A PERSON SHOULD NOT BE AFFECTED BY THE AGE.Weather (s)he is young or old..You still have the right to look good..;D
    Great post.

  • One of the things I always note about pix of Birkin is the same thing I notice in photos of others I like or regular folks who catch my attention in real life: a genuine *relaxed* smile of enjoyment makes whatever you’re wearing very stylish.

    I often have to double check and ask myself whether it’s their outfit I really love or whether I noticed the outfit because I was so affected by their expression.

  • Great post Imogen. I think Judi Dench always looks great, and Helen Mirren too and they’re both in their 60s.

    I would love to have someone help me with personal style tips, but it’s beyond my budget. I’ll just keep reading your blog!

  • I have to spend more now (at 60) than at 20 when I could throw on a cheap little dress and look good. And Jane Birkin’s, Helen Mirren’s etc. clothes are very high quality! But it’s not as important to have “something new”, so my strategy is to buy less but better.

  • I was dying to see a recent photo of Jane Birkin, and here it is! Thanks! She looks so happy with herself. She kept the long hair, which I’m surprised…There might be something nicer out there for her at 60…

  • Lovely, Imogen! I adore this pic of Jane. I certainly don’t look at her and think there’s a “senior citizen.” Thanks for those encouraging words!

  • How right you are! Age is a state of mind. I once hosted a party and asked the twelve women around the table how old they FELT. Even though everyone was around the same age, the answers ranged from 19 to 60. I still feel 19, eternally hopeful that the best is yet to come.

  • Summer – thanks

    Jane – will have a look at that.

    Vildy – I think it’s about being happy in your own skin and having confidence, and taking care of your appearance.

    Not Supermum – I love the styles of Helen Mirren and Judi Dench – they’re so gorgeous. Keep reading – you’ll get lots of tips here!

    Sal – hear hear

    Duchesse – so true, it’s harder as we age to get away with the cheap numbers, but we don’t need anywhere as near as many clothes as many of us have in our wardrobe – it’s better to spend the money more wisely, plus these clothes tend to last longer and we love them more.

    Karen – I did see she had cut her hair on her album cover which I think was fairly recent.

    Sallymandy – no you’d never say ‘senior cit’ for Jane! (Nor for Lauren, Helen, Judi etc.)

    Ingrid – it’s a great question to ask – when I ask people what their mental age is, it’s often far removed from their physical age. I know someone who is 51 and she claims her mental age is 14!

    Cat – now we just have to get everyone to subscribe to this view!

  • Good post. Speaking from a *mature* point of view, my general style has stayed pretty much the same but I find I need to make a few concessions. I no longer wear heels of any real height and I don’t wear sleeveless things. I try to stay current by adding something in the season’s popular color – a scarf or a shirt or a bag. Color goes a long way for me.

    PS – thanks for visiting my blog.

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