Tips from Brenda Kinsel’s Fashion Makeover


One of the tips in Brenda Kinsel’s latest book Fashion Makeover

Brenda talks about creating colour groupings of accessories, so you can dress up a neutral outfit with a range of accessories so that you appear to be wearing something different each day. I’ve done up a quick polyvore to give you the idea. Brenda recommends going through your wardrobe and taking photos of your different colour groupings and sticking them inside a style folder, or even inside your wardrobe so that you can quickly remember which accessories work together.

Change Your Accessories
Change Your Accessories by imogenl

Do you have favourite groups of accessories you wear?


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  • I’m motivated to go through my accessories now. I know how important they are to an outfit or a look, but I rarely remember to put them on! I ADORE the bags you have chosen.

  • Jane – love to see the results!

    Cybill – Thanks – I hang my necklaces on a pinboard in my bathroom so I see them when I’m getting ready each day so I remember to put them on.

  • Fantastic idea!! And, I want everything in your red grouping.I fear if I had those pieces I would wear them everyday.

  • I love this idea. I tend to build my outfits around a single piece – usually shoes or a skirt – and it’d be so fun to try a different tactic that focuses on accessory groupings.

  • This is an excellent idea, Imogen. My problem is that in general I like more the accessories than the clother I wear and I end up spending more time in choosing accessories rather than clothes. The result: mediocre clothes with lovely accessories, not really the right combination! Love your choice of Miu Miu bag! Unfortunately too pricy for me! Ciao. Antonella

  • that is such a great idea-you come up with some great ones!Iloved readingthrough your blog! thanks for having me on your blog roll-I am adding you right now!!!

  • You are wonderful and fab. I also think you have a true knack for choosing and picking special clothing pieces. I tend to wear a lot of bright colors like the blues because my eyes are light. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  • Hi Laura,

    Thanks so much for reading my blog, and also for commenting. Without actually seeing you it’s very hard to give you specific advice for you, as there are so many variations in eye colour, and how they are juxtaposed with skin and hair colour – it’s the whole package I look at!

    But, as a general rule, if a colour makes your eyes pop out and brighten, wear it!

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