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I recently created a post for La Belette Rouge on How to Dress Like a Literary Star for her blog (you can read it here) which received heaps of comments, and from this, I’ve had a couple of requests to create some outfits for others (sorry, I can’t do it for everyone but I encourage you to have a go creating something for yourself). So here is my selection for Fifi Flowers who is a gorgeous artist who sent me a list of words and a set of instructions (including that she loved chunky jewellery including cocktail rings). So I’ve put together this selection for her, but also as a guide to creating outfits, taking into consideration your personal style idiom (a set of words of how you’d like to be perceived by others).

Fifi Flowers
Fifi Flowers by imogenl

You can see the selection of words that Fifi has chosen, and I will explain my choices of clothing and accessories based on these words.

Fun: include some colour, don’t make it too serious and ‘businesslike’ with classic clothes head to toe – look for accessories that make a statement. Leopard print shoes create a fun impression.

Inviting: don’t wear all stiff and structed clothes, some should have some flow or ruffle to show your softer side and invite people in.

Kind: along with inviting, colours like blue and green are seen to be kinder colours. Overly structured clothes are avoided.

Warm: warm colours such as red make the wearer appear warmer and more friendly. Knits help to add to this appearance.

Independent: this person has her own style, she is not scared of larger scale jewellery or dramatic blocks of colour, she doesn’t follow the crowd.

Strong: teaming colour with a dark neutral such as black, charcoal or navy will create a strong impression. Large scale jewellery, and colours such as red, denote strength.

Creative: look for some creative detail, such as the unusal construction on the vest (far left). Don’t feel you have to match shoes, belts and handbags, mix it up, for example the blue and black outfit (second left).

Intellectual: these are not the clothes of someone who is less than very intelligent. They show savvy and thought in their composition.

So: what words would you use to create your personal style idiom and how would you style it? Create a Polyvore and put a link to it in the comments, I’d love to see what you come up with.


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  • I WANT that green jacket. I really like the looks you created for Fifi. I would happily wear a lot of those outfits. Fifi, can I borrow them?;-)

  • Thank you for putting together my collection! I will be using your post for my site… if you don’t mind and I will link to wonderful YOU of course!
    Belette… I like your collection too… perhaps we can share!

  • Yes, of course, you can borrow from my collection. I think I would also like to borrow outfits one and three ASAP.

  • Jane: I look forward to seeing your post!

    La Belette – go for it! Maybe that’s how we can beat this recession – just have a great big communal wardrobe.

    Fifi – love you to post it – happy to have put it together for you. Glad it’s what you were after.

  • Thanks Sal! My philosophy is that dressing is both a science and an art. The training I did to become an image consultant helped me enormously in learning the science, and I don’t think you get into this game if you’d don’t already have some artistic streak.

  • I loved your post on “Literary Star” so I did one of my own “Movie Star”! Dream on! Not that I really want to be one, just have their fashion budget (or lack of) and get invited to black tie events!

  • This is a short note. I know I say this every comment, but you are a goddess! I curl up with your blog and take notes after all the kids (husband included) are in bed. Sadly, Hubby is still awake so I have to hold out for another hour or so, but I could not stop myself from saying thank you again. I’ll be right back!

  • I HAVE the green jacket, Imogen! Well, not 100% the same, but almost and now I can wear it as you suggest. I love the D&G black boots. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for your usual great input. Ciao. Antonella

  • Kristen – thanks SO much for coming by – I hope you enjoyed my blog and your visit was worthwhile. I hope to see you again soon.

    SWC – thank YOU for continuing to read my blog. I’m glad you find useful and practical information on it that you can apply to your style.

    Antonella – That’s great – all the pics I use are a representation of a style, rather than feeling you need to go out and buy that exact piece.

    The pieces on the polyvore tend to be on the expensive side because those are the websites that take the best pictures to use in polyvoring, but you could easily go to your local department store and find much cheaper versions.

  • My Mac doesn’t seem very Polyvore-friendly (or I haven’t learned how yet) but I will say how much the book “Style Statement” by Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte helped me. It’s remarkable what two words can do to guide choices.

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