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Karen – Of a Certain Age asked this question after reading my How to Create Your Personal Style post:

How can I mix, for example then, my beloved preppy J.Crew with the unstructured, creative Anthropologie? What if I don’t ALWAYS want to be structured? Should I buy just one or two full outfits in the other style? Sometimes I really struggle…

The answer is – you can wear them together – a bit of each style at the same time is how you create the outfits that are really ‘you’. I’ve done up a polyvore to give you an idea of how you can take a classic piece and put it with a more relaxed and creative piece. There is no reason to be just one style, and you will feel more confident when you mix elements of all the styles that reflect your personality.

Mixing Clothing Styles by imogenl

Mix a sheath dress with an unstructured, creative cardigan and ballet flats to dress it down and relax it.

Mix slimline cords with a jacket to up the ante.

Why not take a detailed top and mix it with a more classic shaped skirt made from a relaxed fabric.

Or take a classic shaped red skirt with sheen and put it with a funky soft neutral cardigan with some interesting detail to make a more creative statement.

Which styles do you like to put together to express your personality?


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  • I am not a gal who can wear any thing from Anthropologie. I do envy others who can. I always feel a bit silly in their clothes. Not my cup of herbal tea.

  • I love these examples, Imogen. I love the aubergine Anthro sweater especially, and the taupe suede pumps from Lori’s! They aren’t expensive either, you devil.

    Okay, I will try and see what happens. I think it would be easiest to mix styles if you told yourself for example, that you will keep your skirts pencil-like classic, but buy more creative purses and shoes.


  • My wardrobe is a total mix of several styles and your post has given me some ideas. Thank you – and thanks for your kind words over recent times. X

  • Belette: You are a dramatic gal – and should remain that way – unstructured clothing is not the way for you!

    Sal – thanks

    Karen – You can easily go all classic, then just add a dash of creative, either in 1 garment or in your accessories. If I’m wearing classic clothes, I have to wear creative jewellery.

    Do me a post on how you mix them up!

    Jane – so glad to see you back in the land of the blog. I think we’re all a mix of styles, we just put them together in our own sweet way.

  • Thank you for this post! I love Anthropologie but haven’t bought anything yet beacuse I was afraid of their overall artsy look. It’s just too much for my social arena.

    More posts like this, pretty please??

  • Imogen, I just want to say thanks for your great blog. I go back to it again and again for fashion and clothing advice. I’m a lover of the “uniform” but I need the exactly right uniform! Right now it is a-line skirt (or denim trousers), collared shirt and boyfriend cardi with flats or boots. It is an easy outfit to wear on a day busy with kids. Once in a while I’ll throw in some heels and everyone will say “why are you so dressed up?” Ha.

  • Looking forward to dusting off some of my clothes from Anthro after reading this post (the stlye works so well here in Hong Kong with all the whimsy).

  • Hello: I have the newer Colour Me Beautiful book you have mentioned before. Looking for my style, I always believed I was a classic, but going through this book, I was drawn to other styles in almost all categories. I love tween, hounds tooth check, etc. but the flowing jackets, colourful gloves, and decided I WAS NOT CLINTON CLASSIC I now am happy to read this post. thank you. meml

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