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Unlike the rest of my posts, I thought I’d digress a little tonight and tell you about what I’m up to this weekend. I belong to the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) and our Australian chapter is having it’s annual conference this weekend. It started today, and you may wonder what do a bunch of image consultants get up to when they get together?

Firstly, the all important question is ‘what to wear’ – going to an image consultants conference is high stress on the outfit gauge – you are supposed to be the expert in what to wear, and never make a mistake, so all the other consultants are checking you out with their critical eyes, so some planning is involved in outfit selection.

Unlike meeting a client, who I dress for to make them feel comfortable (I usually find out a bit about them before meeting, so if they’re an accountant I don’t wear my most creative clothes), and because I’m one of the lucky ones that black suits, and I’m not with a clients so don’t have to spend lots of time convincing them that there are other clothes they can wear that aren’t black, I wore black today, cos I have this funky outfit – a dress and jacket – that’s on the creative side, that I love.

So this is it – sorry I didn’t take a photo of it whilst I was still dressed, but I’m now in my ‘jammies and getting ready for bed. Fortunately I got lots of positive comments today… so tomorrow will be the next challenge. I will try and get someone to photograph me in the outfit so you can see.
Today we had sessions with Naomi Tickle – who taught us a little about the art of personology (face reading), where I discovered that my straight eyebrows make me more artistic and into asthetic appreciation, my fine hair indicates that I am sensitive to my surroundings and the people around me, my flat forehead indicates that I’m a sequential thinker, and that I have the Pioneer Ear which makes me want to venture into new arenas, and that I should be self employed (lucky for me I am).
Then we had a session with a Garry Hickey -Feng Shui Life Coach, who analysed my birth date and discovered I’m psychic (which explains why I feel sick in my stomach when I’m doing colour analysis and I’m putting unflattering colours on my client, but feel well and ‘home’ when I find the right colours), and will earn my living from being a teacher (well that’s what I can remember from what he said). Luckily I enjoy teaching about image, as that’s how I view what I do, as well as teaching others to be image consultants, I teach my clients about themselves. We also looked at each of the rooms in the house and what clutter was representative of in each room – quite enlightening, as well as looking at
Tomorrow we have sessions on marketing and then a trip shopping – which is pretty fun with a bunch of image consultants who all shop professionally for a living!


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  • Sounds like a really interesting weekend. I had no idea that face reading and feng shui were part of the work that image consultants do. So, might you feng shui a client’s closet and/or help a client who has an uncreative brow—would you might suggest they change it on some wya of they want to appear more creative.

    I can empathize—I am sure it so hard to dress for an event with other image consultants. But the outfit you decided on looks great to me.

    I like forward to hearing about what you learn today.

  • As a professional organizer, I imagine that deciding what to wear to an AICI event is similar to what happens when I invite people over for dinner. The expectation is that my home is immaculate, organized to the last millimeter – in other words, perfection. But if that were the case, no one would feel comfortable coming to visit.

    (Not that it’s even possible to be THAT organized while living in a home, anyway. I suppose it might be possible, if I didn’t live with a husband and three year old. šŸ™‚

  • They’re not officially part of what we do, but can be incorporated into it as an extra.

    We definitely feng shui people’s wardrobes when we de-clutter and organise them and make them work.

    You can’t actually change a person’s innate personality by changing their eyebrows or even by plastic surgery. It just helps when communicating to know that if they have lots of exposed eyelids – you need to get to the point quickly and if you can’t see exposed eyelid, then they want lots of detail…

  • Chritine,

    Thanks for dropping by. I used to be organised and much more tidy til I had 2 kids and a husband (3 kids?) and now a kleptomanic whippet who steals shoes, underpants, kids toys, sponges and cleaning products (anything she can get her jaws around) and strews them round the house and garden.

    The one place I’m organised is my wardrobe, because that’s under my complete control, everything else is a bit more chaotic.

    People used to worry about what to wear when seeing me, but I tell them “if you’re not paying me, I’m not looking” and that tends to put them more at ease. I find the pressure is on me to never step out of the house looking less than great, and there are some days I just don’t feel like making an effort.

  • I can imagine dressing for those events could be stressful, but also a wonderful opportunity to be creative. I mean, how often are we able to get dressed and it’s just about the fun of the outfit, rather than all the billions of miles we have to walk and all the other things we have to do. And hopefully Image Consultants would be less likely to misunderstand or misinterpret what you were trying to do with your outfit.

    Love your choice!

  • Imogen, this weekend sounds like a big deal! But how fun to meet others in your field and see how they stack up!!!

    I like that jacket tremendously. THAT is the kind of thing I like exactly, but now I know I can’t do graphic like that. It would overtake me and eat me up. That, I learned from Dear Miss Im.

  • The PRESSURE of what to wear times ten! A smile does wonders (but you knew that already!) Thanks for your clarification on my tree. I love the new name: Liquid Amber aka Sweet Gum.

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